Here you can find the official Poster of the Digital Exhibitions Working Group for download.

Click here to download the poster visualizing the checklist: Things to consider when creating a digital exhibition.

This checklist was created by the AthenaPlus Working Group Digital Exhibitions. It consists of guiding questions for planning and realizing digital exhibitions. The guiding questions contain a key word that is written in italics and for each one some explanatory statements are provided. Please note that not all questions and statements do necessarily apply to your project, they are intended to serve as aide memoires.
Here you can find the Version of the Checklist (30th November 2015) as PDF.

In order to define its field of work, the Working Group currently applies the following preliminary definition:

"A Digital Exhibition is based on a clear concept and is well curated. It assembles, interlinks and disseminates digital multimedia objects in order to deliver innovative presentations of a theme, or series of themes, allowing user interaction to a great extent."

This is work in progress and we welcome your contribution, please contact us.


The Working Group on Digital Exhibitions would like to suggest a structured Metadata Format for the description of exhibitions, in order to:

- facilitate the discovery of the Digital Exhibitions through search engines, cultural portals or other services,

- support the identification and selection of Digital Exhibitions,

- facilitate data sharing and exchange of information about Digital Exhibitions and

- improve the current descriptive practice through standardization.

This is work in progress and we welcome your contribution. Please contact us.

The Digital Exhibitions Metadata Element Set can be found here.